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Choose from 3 available sizes to display your beautiful polishes as art! This is the perfect way to display your nail polish, show off the beautiful bottles and colors in the perfect frame. Although designed to be a display case, this is also a perfect storage item, pick up a few coordinating frames and create a gallery wall in your home or salon! This frame is handcrafted- assembled and painted by hand. This is an upcycled frame, (as shown) 15 X 18, an opening measuring 10 X 13.5and sits approximately 2 ¼ ” off the wall, including the frame. Three shelves, each ~4 ½ ”. The wooden shelf is both glued and nailed securely to the frame. Hardware is attached and ready for you to take out of the box, hang on the wall, and arrange your beautiful polishes! From packaging to wall in 2 minutes! Don’t limit this to just nail polish- display cosmetics, frames, spices, perfumes, craft supplies, you name it. Due to the fact these frames are upcycled, each frame can contain minor defects and cracks. We do our best to catch the larger ones that interfere with the overall design, but some flaws are in the frames themselves. This is a finished product, so upon payment, it will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days- no need to wait weeks or months for a product to be made for you. That being said, we have custom options, see our other listings. This frame is also available to be made horizontal, see custom listing. Any questions, feel free to reach out.

- July 21, 2017

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