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It might be the new year or the scary thought of returning to my full time job, but Im feeling very anxious about getting organized these days.  I have a filing cabinet in the craft room and a couple of drawers that I use in the kitchen for important papers but, given the amount of things I lose, this system clearly isnt working for me.  I think a lot of us are in the same paper-filled boat because Ive been seeing lots of sites with great command centers lately. Location. Location. Location.  I love the idea of having a central place in my kitchen for all the bits and pieces and paperwork that seems to float all over my house. Ive tried using the office but the mail and important things never seem to make it down to the filing cabinet.  And if I actually put the paperwork in the office/craft room immediately, I forget all about it and things get missed.  Besides, dont most of us spend a big chunk of our time in or near the kitchen? Which is why Im toying with the idea of a kitchen command center of my very own.   This thought sent me on a journey through the blogosphere and Pinterest to get some ideas for command centers that might work for our family.  There are so many great ideas out there that I had trouble limiting my research.  Sometimes I get so lost in looking at pretty pictures that I dont get much else done.  Ive rounded up a few of my favorites for inspiration and to share with all of you. UPDATE- Ive added affiliate links to each idea for your convenience if you want to get started building your own command center! See our disclosure policy here. This command center from Domestic Imperfection is one of my favorites. Simple, easy, and the baskets are so adorable.  The backing for the framed map is magnetic so you can pin calendars, notes, and information on the board.  So clever.   Im super fond of yellow at the moment and this center from The Homes I Have Made drew me in because the colors make it so darn cute.   Dont you just love the bunting at the top? And those pretty baskets? And the yellow board with sticky notes is pretty awesome.  I use sticky notes a lot and I like the thought of using them in a center.  Once youve completed the task or project, you just toss the note.  How easy is that?   Stacy at Not Just a Housewife has used a blank wall beside the fridge  I like how clean and organized it looks because as much as Id like the center to be near a door, I just dont have the space for that at either entrance. That slotted mail holder would hold a lot of paper. And we make a lot of paper.   Oh boy, do I love this center from Better Homes and Gardens. Im starting to see a theme here….if theres something aqua or turquoise Im drawn in like a bee to honey.   I wish I had the space for this.  Sigh.  Tons of functional space here with a built in desk and a little nook and some great desk organizers.  So pretty. And that chair. Love it!  Heres a great idea for a small space from  Two Twenty One  using just the inside of a cabinet door. Weve all got clothes pins laying around and this is a great way to put them to use organizing paper work.  Clever and easily concealed, too.   The Caldwell Project has the most perfect command center as far as Im concerned with wall mounted organization that makes space for everything.   Theres even a separate space for keys, magazines, and cell phones.  Wow!  I long to be this organized.   Achieving Creative Order also has a space for everything in her super organized center.  Dont you just love that little bucket that holds all the pens and markers?  Hmmmm…..might be a bit tempting to Liam though.  The last time he got a hold of some markers from my craft room he required a bath in the middle of the day.  Im pretty fond of the sleek and stylish center from One Creative Housewife, too. I dont think even I could mess that one up.   I found this little gem on Pinterest but cant seem to find the original source.  If anyone recognizes it, let me know and Ill be sure to credit the author.  I love the table and and the signs as well as all the different spaces for belongings and papers.  And that cute key that actually holds keys?  Adorable!     I think this center is in an entry way which sounds so practical but I just dont have the space for that.  Unless Im willing to give up my foyer.  Im not.  I like decorating the foyer for the changing seasons way too much to let it become a command center. As for me, Im currently using the Shove it in a basket or drawer system. Keepin it real, yall.     Along with the ever popular pile it on a shelf or in a corner.  Now that were all clear that I live a cluttered and chaotic life you can see why a command center is such a sweet idea for me.  I cant help but wonder, however, if people actually use them and they stay that neat and clean in the long haul. Because every system Ive put together has been a total fail so far. Do you use a command center? Have you kept it organized? //

Photo via: lamourcheznous.wordpress.com

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