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I love this ring! Its cute, its whimsical, its just playful! The pink center is such a happy color and seems even brighter next to the black petals of the flower. A US size six and three quarters (6.75) this ring is made of colored copper wire (black) Since this is a wire ring it will mold itself to your finger with wear and can distort if you handle heavy objects while wearing it. Please wear with care :) This little shank button has been in my button jar for roughly 20 years. It once belonged to my oldest daughters favorite dress and sat in that jar patiently waiting to be reattached. Kids grow really fast at that age and she out grew the dress before the button could get sewn back on. Just as it was looking like it had found permanent residence in my button jar I wrote a blog post. http://magpieapproved.blogspot.com/2011/02/i-only-use-materials-that-work-best-in.html Writing that post was probably one of the most creatively freeing things I have done. That little button was freed from never got sewn back on suddenly becoming a creative design element, and a really cute one at that! To see more more buttons as design elements in my shop click here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WindDancerStudios?section_id=6592855

Photo via: backupvisual.tumblr.com

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